Proper equipment selection is crucial for the effective operation of a PV plant.

At Messaritis Renewables we evaluate your needs and recommend the economically and technically appropriate equipment combination. Since Messaritis Renewables is the official distribution channel of major international firms, we are able to provide you with the highest-quality main equipment for a complete PV installation: From the basic components of the park (PV panels, mounting systems, inverters, medium voltage) to the smallest details (LV switchgears, cables, grounding, alarm system, etc.). We aim to maximize the long-term performance index and facilitate management of the PV park.


We are in collaboration with all major international inverter suppliers.
Our company is an official service partner for ABB/PowerOne.

Mounting Systems

At Messaritis Renewables, depending on your needs, you have the possibility to select between a conventional fixed mount system and a tracking mount system.

PV Modules

Our company collaborates with foreign firms that provide high performance products, such as Aleo Solar, Eging, Trina Solar, etc.