At Messaritis Renewables, you are thoroughly supported during all phases of the project: From selecting the construction site, the feasibility study and the licensing to the proper layout of the plant. Specifically:



We offer you advice as to the selection of a suitable location for the installation of the PV park, in order to avoid licensing obstacles and to maximize the economic efficiency of the project, both during the construction and the operation phases (control over access, network proximity, potential shading, etc.).


Economical and Technical Feasibility

We conduct the necessary research and draw conclusions about the economical and technical feasibility of the project. We use specialized software tools for meteorological data analysis and for the simulation of a plant’s operation, which allow us to estimate the potential energy production of a station. Thus we can present you with a feasibility study to jointly decide on the feasibility of your investment.



We prepare and handle the necessary documents required by the public authorities. Installing a PV Power Station is a complex procedure, whose main prerequisites are the authorization and approval ofvarious public services, such as the Regulatory Authority for Energy (RAE), the Operator for Electricity Market, the Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator (HEDNO), etc. It also includes the preparation and approval of various studies such as: Preliminary and Final Study of Environmental Impact, Operation Technical Study, Production, Operation and Installation License or exemption from these licenses, etc. Messaritis Renewables personnel has extensive experience in the licensing procedure for PV stations of different nominal power and is capable of supporting you thoroughly and effectively.


Design & Installation

We design and set the PV installation. Before installing the equipment, it is necessary to study, design and lay out, to the final detail, all primary and auxiliary units that a PV power station consists of (inverters, mounting systems, panel wiring, cable cross-sections, alarm system, etc.). Moreover, our experience in construction enables us to design the PV installation so as to facilitate construction (constructability control). Hence, we avoid any design errors that could lead to reduced performance or to difficult implementation/maintenance of your investment.