At Messaritis Renewables we recognize the actual needs for operation control and maintenance services (O&M), therefore we offer 20-year integrated maintenance programs that include troubleshooting and deficiency repair in PV installations.


reasons why maintenance is necessary for your investment:

1. Ensures the uninterrupted operation and high productivity of the installation through the immediate diagnosis and detection of any damage or malfunction.

2. Reduces the likelihood of accidents and thus the physical integrity and human life are protected (from hazards such as electric shock due to discontinuity of an equipotential loop).

3. Slows down the equipment wear/aging process. (In some cases, this is an irreversible process, resulting in permanent loss of profit and high restoration costs.)

4. Is a mandatory prerequisite for the validity of the equipment warranty.

5. Is a mandatory prerequisite to receive compensation from your insurance company in case that claims are raised for insured events (e.g., theft, natural disaster, mechanical damage).

6. The long-term benefit of maintenance is higher than its cost.

7. Reduces your personal involvement with the plant to a minimum time.

8.  Having a maintenance contract with a certified company, the resale value of your installation is highly increased.

9. 95% of damages are caused either by the complete absence of maintenance or by poor maintenance.

10. Is required by the law (article 5, Government Official gazette 470) to ensure the safety and reliability of the electrical installation.