Net Metering

The offset between the produced and consumed energy, widely known by the term Net Metering, is one of the tools implemented in various countries in order to promote energy self-consumption with the aid of renewable energy resources, particularly via photovoltaic installations.

Net Metering allows the consumer to cover a significant portion of their load needs while providing the possibility to deploy the network for an indirect storage of the green energy produced.

The term "Net" arises from the fact that the pertinent charge-credit accounting scheme relates to the difference between the produced and consumed energy in a certain time period. If there is excess energy, this is not lost for the consumer but, instead, is credited for a certain time period until it is finally cleared.

Briefly, the main features of the Net Metering program are the following ones:

  • The consumer is protected from future increase in the electricity price as offsetting is based on energy rather than accounting terms.
  • Offers the possibility to nullify charges for the electricity consumed.
  • The investment amortization does not depend on any form of compensation (Feed In Tariff - FIT).
  • Electricity generation is realized locally and close to the consumption loads, therefore significantly reducing energy transmission losses.
  • Gradual exemption from energy dependence on fossil fuels and associated costs while minimizing the environmental impact and CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.
  • The property energy class is improved as a direct result of energy production from reneable energy resource.

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