Messaritis Renewables continues to support partnerships with environmental sensitivity and decided to join its forces with BICYCLE COURIERS company in order to ensure that plenty of the documents and small packages that are moved within the Attica region will be delivered ecologically.

Messaritis Renewables, in the context of Corporate Social Responsibility actions, collaborated with the internationally-awarded Public Central Library of Veria, which counts 35,000 members and from May 1999 to December 2016 it lent 3,189,907 books, DVDs and more.

Messaritis Renewables strengthens its social awareness and sensitivity through supporting the NGO “To Hamogelo to Paidiou“.

As part of its commitment to actively supporting green supplies, Messaritis Renewables uses FSC-certified Forest Stewardship Council (FSC-certified) forest paper for sustainable forest management. FSC certification provides the link between responsible forest management and consumption of products derived from them (such as timber and paper), promoting an environmentally, socially beneficial and economically sustainable appropriate management of the world’s forests.

Messaritis Renewables is delighted to announce that it offers part of the income received from any newly-signed operation and maintenance contract to support the social welfare organization “Desmos”.

Being an environmentally conscious company, on 20/10/13 we participated, along with local residents, in the tree-planting and depollution event at the Sappho stream in Maroussi, in Athens.